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Frank A. Ferris, P.E.

Frank A. Ferris, P.E. graduated from Texas A & M University in 1985 with a B.S. degree in Civil Engineering and a specialization in Construction Management. Mr. Ferris has over twenty five (25) years experience in the planning, design and construction of water, wastewater, aquaculture and irrigation facilities. He has been responsible for the facility planning, funding, grant assistance, permitting, design engineering and construction management of numerous water and wastewater treatment plants, water pumping structures, distribution systems and ground and elevated storage facilities.  Mr. Ferris has worked with several funding agencies including the Bureau of Reclamation, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

A list of major clients and larger projects in which Mr. Ferris has been involved include:

Hidalgo County Water Improvement District No. 3

 District Engineer

 2011 WaterSMART Grant

 Replacement of the 60" Hackney Floodway Siphon

 64 MG Reservoir

 River Pump Station Intake Screen and Canal Lining Project

 Pawlik Pipeline

 Replacement of Canal "C" with Underground Pipeline

United Irrigation District

 District Engineer

 Placement of Main Canal Below Ground from Diesel No. 2 to Mile 9

 1st Lift Pump Station Modifications

 Shary 3rd Canal & Pump Station

 Emergency Repairs to the Mile 5 Siphon

 Placement of Lateral 7M3 Below Grade

 Hidalgo County Irrigation District No. 6

 River Pump Station Improvements

 Walker Lake Hydrologic and Hydraulic Analysis

 WaterSMART Grant FY 2010

 Walker Lake Seepage Study

 City of Laredo

 Santa Isabel Reverse Osmosis Facility

 City of Laredo 2005 Capital Improvements Program, including over $300 Million in needed Capital Improvements

 San Isidro and Highland Booster Stations (Each station rated for 3,500 gpm)

 Two (2) 1.0 MG Composite Elevated Storage Tanks

 Northwest 1.0 MG Composite Elevated Storage Tank

 SCADA system for Water Distribution

 Two (2) 5.0 MG Ground Storage Tanks and 25 MGD pump station

 Sierra Vista 5 MG Ground Storage Tank and 15 MGD pump station

 60 MGD Intake for the Jefferson Water Treatment Plant (TWDB Administered EPA Funding)

 Project Manager for the Inspection Services for the 60 MGD High Service Pump Station addition to the Jefferson Water Treatment Plant (TWDB Funding)

 Rehabilitation of Seven Lift Stations in South Laredo

 Inspection of the Zacate Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant

City of Harlingen Water Works System

 Preliminary Engineering Report for the Downtown Water Treatment Plant Upgrade to 15 and 20 MGD.  February 2010.

 Wastewater Recovery and Reuse Facility (includes 3.5 MGD domestic wastewater treatment plant, 1.0 MG reverse osmosis plant and 1.5 MGD Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant) that produced 1.0 MGD of bottled quality water from domestic wastewater for industrial use by treatment using reverse osmosis. (TWDB and EDA Funding)

 M.F. Runnion Water Treatment Plant 20 MGD High Service Pump Station and 5 MG Clearwell

 20 MGD M.F. Runnion Water Treatment Plant Expansion, and Modifications to the Downtown Water Treatment Plant

 1.5 MG North Loop Composite Elevated Storage Tank

 Upgrade to the City of Harlingen Downtown Wastewater Treatment Plant

 City of Brownsville Public Utilities Board

 Expansion and upgrade of the two (2) water treatment plants to 20 MGD (40 MGD total). (TWDB Funding)

 Raw Water Pumping Facilities and 160 Million Gallon (MG) Reservoir

 Laguna Madre Water District

 Water and Wastewater Plan for the Communities of South Padre Island, Laguna Vista, Laguna Heights, and Port Isabel (USDA Funding)

 30 MGD River Intake Pump Station, Reservoir #4 15 MGD Pump Station and 200 MG Reservoir

 Engineer responsible for construction phase services for the 1.5 MGD expansion to the Port Isabel Wastewater Treatment Plant.

 Construction Manager for the 2.6 MGD expansion for the Isla Blanca Wastewater Treatment Plant and collection system improvements

 Laguna Vista WWTP (USDA Funding)

 Arroyo Water Supply Corporation

 10 miles of distribution line, update of water treatment plant, 100,000 gallon elevated storage tank and booster pumps. (USDA Funding)

Aquaculture Projects

 Arroyo Aquaculture Association

 MGD Recirculation Pump Station #1

 Rehabilitation of 100 MGD Intake Structure

 25 MGD Recirculation Pump Station #2

 Loma Alta Aquaculture Facility Phase II

 Loma Alta Aquaculture Facility Phase III

Residential Developments

 River Bend Section 2-8, Brownsville, Texas

 South Padre Island Golf Community, (15 Sections to date) Laguna Vista, TX

 Nueces Park, Harlingen, Texas

 Villa Del Sur, Los Fresnos, Texas

 Ponderosa North, San Benito, Texas

 Parvisal Subdivision, San Benito, Texas

 Bence Subdivision, Harlingen, Texas

 Oaks Subdivision, Harlingen, Texas

 Liberty Estates, San Benito, Texas

 Resaca View Estates, Brownsville, Texas

 Paloma Lane Subdivision, Harlingen, Texas

 New Hampshire Village Subdivision, Harlingen

Mr. Ferris is a licensed professional engineer in Texas. His registration number is 70724.  He is a current member of the American Water Works Association, the American Society of Civil Engineers and the Aquaculture Engineering Society.

United Irrigation District

The District hired Ferris & Flinn, LLC as District Engineer in 2007. Frank A. Ferris, PE is the lead engineer for the District. Mr. Ferris is assisting the District with their $14,000,000 Energy and Water Conservation Project funded by the US Bureau of Reclamation. Ferris & Flinn, LLC reevaluated the project plan to determine irrigation demands to reduce pipe sizes and save costs. The Bureau of Reclamation allowed the District to utilize cost savings to replace additional facilities resulting in more water and energy savings. The project is about 50% complete.

Reference:   Mike Warshak, General Manager

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