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David H. Flinn, P.E.

David H. Flinn, P.E. has over nineteen years (19) of experience in the Planning, Design and Construction of Water and Wastewater facilities. He also has three years of experience in heavy construction of a 20 MGD Wastewater Treatment Plant and two (2) Prisons ($50 million each). Mr. Flinn received a BS in Building Construction from Texas A&M, a BS in Civil Engineering from UTA, and is a Registered Professional Engineer in Texas (License No. 82637). Mr. Flinn has been responsible for the facility planning, funding/grant assistance, permitting, design engineering and construction management for both wastewater treatment plants, water distribution, water pumping, elevated and ground storage facilities. He has worked with the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB), the Texas Community Development Program (TCDP), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

A list of major clients and projects in which Mr. Flinn was involved include:

City of Rowlett, TX

· Water System Master Plan and Capital Improvements Program that identified over $60 million in Water System Improvements

· 15 MGD High Service Pump Station

· 2.0 MG Ground Storage Tank

· 1.5 MG Composite Elevated Storage Tank

· SCADA system for Water Distribution

· 42,300 l.f. of 24” – 30”water transmission mains

· 10,000 l.f. of 10” – 24”water transmission mains

· Main Street Lift Station Improvements

· Merritt Road Trunk Sewer

City Of Greenville, TX

· Water System Master Plan and Capitol Improvements Program

· 8,500 l.f. of 15” Trunk Sewer (TCDP Funding)

City of Pilot Point, TX

· Water System Master Plan and Capital Improvements Program

· TNRCC/TPDES Discharge Permit for the WWTP

· Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements (TCDP Funding)

· Eastside Trunk Sewer Improvements (TCDP Funding)

 City of Lewisville, TX

· 4,500 l.f. of  24” Water Transmission Main

· Sludge Digester Improvements

· Wastewater Treatment and Lift Station Improvements

· Sludge Dewatering and Lift Station Improvements

· Eastside Water and Sewer Improvements

City of Ponder, TX

· 100,000 Gallon Elevated Storage Tank (TCDP Funding)

 City of the Colony, Texas

· TNRCC/NPDES Discharge Permit for the WWTP

· Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements (TWDB Funding)

· Sludge Dewatering Improvements (TWDB Funding)

Caddo Mills, TX

· TPDES Discharge Permit

· Wastewater Treatment Plant (TCDP Funding) improvements

· East Rio Hondo Water Supply Corporation

· Wastewater Treatment Plant (USDA Funding)

· Wastewater collection system (USDA Funding)

· Residential Development

· Costa Del Sol Subdivision Harlingen, Texas

· Santander, Brownsville, Texas

· Los Arboles, Brownsville, Texas

· Campo Verde Subdivision, Brownsville, Texas

· San Fernando Estates Subdivision, Rio Hondo, Texas

 · Villa Del Sur II, Los Fresnos, Texas

· Timberland Subdivision Phases 3-4, Combes, Texas

Laguna Madre Water District FY 2010 WaterSMART Grant to Reuse Wastewater.

Mr. David H. Flinn, PE is the engineer responsible for development of this successful grant project. Mr. Flinn worked with the District to develop a project to treat the wastewater effluent from the District's three plants to tertiary levels for unrestricted use. The plan included cost for the additional treatment, storage and distribution to potential customers. All of the available wastewater effluent would be reused as possible. The project scope has been reduced from $6,000,000 to $1,500,000 limited to the Laguna Vista Wastewater Treatment Plant due to budget constraints. The project is currently about to begin the design stage.

Reference: Mr. Gavino Sotelo

Phone: (956) 943-2626

2004 Madeira Development Water Alternatives Study for a 1,400 Acre Tract in Cameron County.

Mr. David H. Flinn was the Engineer primarily responsible for this study that compared alternatives for water supply to this tract to be developed. The tract lies within the East Rio Hondo Water Supply Corporation (ERHWSC) CCN, but is close to VMUD No. 2 and the Brownsville Public Utilities Board facilities. A projection of ultimate water demand needed to supply the tract from each entity was evaluated. The evaluation included development on an on-site groundwater reverse osmosis plant.  The economy placed the project on hold.

Mr. Dennis Sanchez, Developer's Attorney

2011 City of Palm Valley Water System CIP

The City of Palm Valley had experienced low pressures in their system due to a recently installed reduced pressure backflow preventer from the wholesale provider. The TCEQ mandated that Palm Valley develop a plan to overcome their low pressure. Ferris & Flinn, LLC developed a plan to boost pressure with a ground storage and elevated tank through build out of the land locked community. The project planning has just been completed. Mr. David H. Flinn, PE is the engineer responsible for this project.

Reference: Mr. Dean Hall, Mayor

Phone: (956) 423-8384


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