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Ferris & Flinn, LLC is proud to announce a corporate name change to Ferris, Flinn & Medina, LLC.  Jose D. Medina, RPLS (Joe) became a partner in 2007 and as of 2012 became fully vested. 

 Joe began his career in the US Marine Corps in 1983.  After an Honorable Discharge in 1989, he began working as a Rodman on a survey crew in South Texas.  After working his way up to Survey Crew Leader, he decided to become a Registered Professional Land Surveyor (RPLS) and achieved his goal in 2003.  Shortly thereafter, he came to work with Ferris & Flinn, LLC to start our Surveying Department.  Ferris & Flinn knew the only way to provide the best Civil Engineering Service was to have our own Surveying Department.  Joe has been a true asset to the firm with his unique field experience and ability to read and understand deed records as they apply to the field.

Bureau of Reclamation Grants FY 2010 - In the state of Texas, only 5 firms were awarded, two of which were awarded to Ferris & Flinn, LLC.

 Laguna Madre Water District, Reuse Water System Improvements

            Reclamation Funding: $300,000 

            Total Project Cost: $2,014,265

The Laguna Madre Water District will install wastewater effluent treatment improvements, including pump stations, filter equipment, and a storage tank, to provide water for landscape irrigation. The project also includes the installation of an energy recovery turbine to create electricity from wastewater flows. The project is expected to allow the District to conserve 366 acre-feet annually by reducing its diversion from the Rio Grande. Conserved water will be allocated to by the State Water Master to irrigation districts within the Rio Grande Valley.

 Hidalgo County Irrigation District #6, Canal Lining, Solar Monitoring Station, and Water Marketing

            Reclamation Funding: $300,000 

            Total Project Cost: $653,525

 The Hidalgo County Irrigation District #6 will construct improvements to its water delivery system, including lining of 3.3 miles of open canal, installation of a solar powered monitoring station, and construction of an outlet structure. The project is expected to result in water savings of approximately 905 acre-feet of water annually, including 150 acre-feet that will be provided to the Lower Rio Grande Valley National Wildlife Refuge. Additional water conserved as a result of the project will be made available to other water users.

 The City of Harlingen Water Works System, Effluent Reuse Water System

            Reclamation Funding: $142,126

            Total Project Cost: $284,252

The City of Harlingen will design and construct a system to treat effluent, including a pipeline to deliver water to a series of ponds and wetland sites, for use at a municipal nature park. The project is intended to reduce effluent discharges to the Arroyo Colorado River, which supports a number of endangered and threatened species. Water made available as a result of the project will be banked and marketed to existing municipal users in the region.

 Brownsville Irrigation District, Southeast District Conveyance System Improvement Project

            Reclamation Funding: $300,000

            Total Project Cost: $687,026

The Brownsville Irrigation District will install 11,500 linear feet of PVC pipe, eight flow meters, and an additional pump to improve the Districtís responsiveness to shifting water demands in Cameron County, Texas. The project is expected to result in savings of approximately 164 acre-feet of water annually. Conserved water will be left in-stream in the Rio Grande River.

 Lower Colorado River Authority, Gulf Coast Irrigation Division Gate Rehabilitation and Control Project

            Reclamation Funding: $257,139

            Total Project Cost: $535,401

The Lower Colorado River Authority in Texas will retrofit and automate eleven check gate structures in its Gulf Coast Irrigation Division. Each check gate structure will consist of two aluminum slide gates powered by solar panels. The project also includes installation of a radio-based data communication system and a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system. The project is expected to result in 2,560 acre-feet of water savings annually. Conserved water will be marketed to existing municipal water customers through an agricultural-to-urban water transfer program established under 1999 Texas law. The project will also reduce energy consumption by approximately 132,000 kilowatt hours per year, primarily through reduction in pumping.

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