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Ferris, Flinn & Medina, LLC is a consulting engineering firm owned by its three principals; Frank. A. Ferris, P.E., David H. Flinn, P.E. and Jose D. Medina, RPLS.  Ferris, Flinn & Medina, LLC provides consulting services for water utilities, irrigation districts, municipalities, developers and the aquaculture industry.  Including the principals, there are fourteen employees of the firm Ferris, Flinn & Medina, LLC.   The firm provides planning, design and construction phase services for water, wastewater, irrigation and development.  The principals of the firm have significant experience in public works in South Texas.

Frank A. Ferris, P.E. left another South Texas consulting engineering firm in 1998 to form Ferris Engineering, Inc.  Mr. Ferris had worked for the previous firm since his graduation from Texas A&M University in 1985.

David H. Flinn graduated from Texas A&M University in 1985 with a degree in Building Construction.  He subsequently worked in the construction industry building water utility plants.   Mr. Flinn returned to college and obtained a second degree in Civil Engineering in 1992.   Before joining Ferris, Flinn & Medina, LLC, Mr. Flinn worked with a consulting firm specializing in water and wastewater.   Mr. Flinn joined the firm in April 2001 to form Ferris & Flinn, LLC.

Mr. Medina began our Surveying operation in 2003 and became a partner in 2007.

The success and growth of Ferris and Flinn, LLC can be attributed to local ownership by hard working professionals that focus on performance and client satisfaction.  Our philosophy is that growth and income are dependent upon quality service and professionalism rather than marketing.

An important aspect of keeping pace with the new and ever evolving technology in engineering and surveying is periodically updating our software.  At Ferris, Flinn & Medina, LLC, we are committed to being innovative  and maintaining our competitiveness in the field of Civil Engineering.   In doing so, we are able to provide the best and most efficient service to our clients.   As a result,  Ferris, Flinn & Medina, LLC has migrated from Eagle Point software to Civil 3D software.  Civil 3D software provides an efficient work flow process for our consulting firm.  Ferris, Flinn & Medina, LLC pays the maintenance fees to Autodesk to ensure the latest version of the software is deployed.   The use of better engineering and surveying tools and the great integration of a multitude of functionalities reduces the time it takes to do everyday tasks.  Civil 3D software improves the efficacy and accuracy of our work due to its ability to perform countless calculations in a single action.   The implementation of this software creates a positive impact on our productivity, workflow, time schedule and most importantly, reduces cost for our clients.   We look forward to helping all our clients with each and every engineering and surveying need through the use of the best, most effective and most efficient software available.  Here is a list of the services we specialize in:

 ALTA surveys

 Grant Writing

 Farm and Ranch Surveys


 Topographic Surveys

 Treated Water

 Right-of-Way Surveys


 Easement Locations


 Construction Surveying

 Land Development

 Elevation Certificates


 Boundary-Improvement Surveys

 Construction Management

 Form Board (pre-pour) Surveys

 Project Management


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