Current Bids

We are currently accepting bids for the listed projects.  You may view the Bid Advertisement(s),  Bid Proposal(s), Plan Holders List(s), and any Addenda issued to date.  Once the Bid Opening has taken place, and the Bid Tabulation is compiled and sealed, you will be able to access the Bid Tabulation here, as well.  Bid information will not be released until the tabulation has been reviewed and sealed by the Engineer.  This process may take 24-48 hours post-bid opening. Your patience is appreciated.

*Note: All Bidders must be, and are responsible for ensuring they are, on the Planholders List. No exceptions. 



Owner Project Name Bid Date Project Engineer Engineer’s
Plan Holders List Addenda Bid Tabulation
Camron County Irrigation District No. 6 Bennett, Swan Nelson, 134, 139 & 196 Canals Piping Project January 11, 2023 Carlos Luna, PE

Frank Ferris, PE

1.65M CCID6 Canals Piping Project Bid Invitation CCID6 Canals Piping Projects Planholders List CCID6 Canals Piping Projects Construction & Supply Addendum No. 1

CCID6 Canals Piping Project_Construction Addendum No. 2

CCID6 Canals Piping Project_Pipe Supply Addendum No. 2


CCID6 Canals Piping Project_Construction Bid Tab

CCID6 Canals Piping Project_Supply BId Tab

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